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Update on TheFamous venture and the exclusive Famous Founder Club.
This article was update in October 2022.

In Q1 2022, TheFamous Web3 Labs project, a Web3 platform dedicated to street & digital art and streetwear culture, was launched by its creators with a Lab based on 2 pillars and innovative solutions.
1) The foundations with an NFT Factory that provides solutions to protect IP and build collections with verifiable and interoperable NFTs, linked to unique passports and a marketplace open to multi currencies and multi chains built for a community crypto native (joining with a wallet) OR not yet crypto savvy (joining with a simple email or mobile number), who can live new experiences with artists and brands, support their new projects (and get rewards) while thriving by trading NFTs and items, on TheFamous and on other (chains) platforms.
2) The projects and collections which include also the development of TheFamous as an hybrid streetwear brand, fed by the Factory collections and collaborations (capsules) with artists and other brands to create limited series drops, based on (IRL and IVL) apparels and collectibles.

The Genesis collection and the Founder club
The team started the Factory projects with a genesis NFT collection ‘The Famous Gang’ which, via a PFP series, pays tribute to artists, quotes and brands that inspire TheFamous team.
An initial shot of 1000 pieces (the Series1) was created, as a test, when we started to develop the Factory and the tools to create and mint divers type of NFTs with polygon (for the future benefit of our marketplace artists). we did not sold this first shot maintaining it in stealth mode and ready for some giveaways and rewards. Our aim was to launch first our platform MVP (Alpha V1.0 done last June) before to promote the Founder Club (…foundations must come first when you build for the long run) and develop with partners a solid marketing plan.

This genesis collection was built with the goal to create a core collector tribe with NFT acting as a pass to the Famous Founder Club and exclusive perks associated (as well as being unique pieces of art).
There will only ever be 8888 Famous Gang NFTs. 8000 unique pieces will open an access to the Founder Club, 800 (super rare) to a VIP Social Club and 88 (ridiculously rare) are reserved to LP that will fuel an Art investment fund DAO.
The 8000 Founder Club NFTs will be step by step unlocked in different stages and batches. Only 3000/8000 (series1 and 2) are part of the first launch.

The Famous Founder Club first exclusive benefits disclosed by the team, are detailed below.

Famous Founder Club NFT

The ownership of a Famous Gang NFT grants you access to a special community, inside the collector community, with exclusive perks. In short, being part of the Famous Founder Club gives: a priority to access projects, collections and drops based on the NFT limited series launched on the platform channels, access to exclusive airdrops, including the upcoming Famous Coin. The NFT is also a pass for future Famous events allowing to share experiences IRL or IVL with artists. it also enables, via the Famous Founders DAO, to participate to the evolution of the platform and join special reward and staking programs.
Here the recap of the 10 first benefits provided by the Famous Founder Club:
1. Exclusive access to presale days
2. Exclusive access to airdrop of collectibles.
. Access to the upcoming Famous coin airdrop
4. Pass for the Famous events
5. DAO voting right.
6. Access to a staking program for the Founder Club members.
7. Exclusive experiences with artists and brands IRL and in metaverse.
8. First access to TheFamous street culture brand collaborations and capsules.
9. Exclusive access to fine art tokenization
10. Possibility, for some collections, to mint and sell some Sub NFT numbered series (limited editions) benefiting from royalties on primary and secondary sales.

The team is also planning future collaborations around the Famous Founder Gang NFTs to expand the ecosystem while collaborating with street culture artists and brands. They project to develop new Famous collections under collaborations and to airdrop them exclusively to the Founder Club members. When traded, the new owners of these new NFTs will not be able to join the Founder Club but will be part of the collector community with some exclusive rewards based on the rarity of the NFT owned.

What next in the roadmap? We can’t yet provide much details but we can give some leads…
. An upcoming Famous Auction house, with a launch celebrated with a limited series of 800 VIP Famous NFTs that will open the door to a social club with exclusive additional perks like access to events backstage and special VIP events.
. Development of capsules and drops with streetwear brand partners that share the same love for (street) culture and special collaborations with other industry partners for new adventures.
. Launch of a Famous coin that will play a major role in the ecosystem and the community development (reward program, Labs projects …)
. Also, a NFT Art Sport DAO project (‘Support and Thrive’) that mix street art, sport and fans around NFTs and collectibles (adapting the Noun DAO protocol process) is in the pipe…
. A metarverse store… and much more!!!
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