Build in bear market

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked” said Warren Buffett

With our past experience, in developing platforms in Web2 and Web3, we knew when we entered the NFT space that we needed first to build solid foundations and develop a roadmap with a clear purpose and vision.

And it is exactly what we have done (are doing). Our goal with TheFamous is not just to build a PFP collection and see what’s next.

Our starting point was to believe that NFTs will become the center of the Web3 economy (one of its atomic components), to authorize and secure exchange of ‘things of value’. But we also quickly understood that the first NFT and marketplace gen did not meet the needs for the next wave beyond crypto native.
To onboard the next billions of users and beneficiaries of Web3 economy, we need to allow them to easily and securely access, bag and carry NFTs to different (market) places and metaverses because what is coming is a big transition to a new internet that will merge with metaverses at a certain point and we will definitively have multi chains and metaverses that will need to communicate to let the whole go mainstream.

Following this, we decided, with our Factory, to develop some initial foundations:
1) a new generation of NFT that we can qualify as VIP (verifiable, Interoperable and Protectable) using a passport that can be easily integrated by anyone building in the NFT space and
2) a NFT creation library to build projects with NFT & utilities.
Next, was to develop a marketplace to show the power of the factory and NFTs and to grow a community based on a web native generation of creators, collectors and fans connected to street culture but for a (very) large majority, not crypto (and blockchain) savvy .

Our marketplace is built around several missions based on bridges:
. Bridge the non-crypto savvy to web3 offering the advantage of custodial accounts that can be joined with a simple email or hone number while providing education and tutorials to get your own wallet and benefit from it.
. Bridge different groups of crypto natives to the marketplace offering access to different currencies and NFTs (chains) and,
. Bridge street cultures to the digital one in different domains (art, music, fashion, sport and gaming) by developing collections and projects in-house and with partners.

TheFamous is also an hybrid streetwear brand fed by the Lab projects and collaborations with artists and brands.
TheFamous aim is to develop a brand, with IRL and IVL items (apparels and collectibles) released via regular drops of limited series (on the marketplace) built in collaboration with artists and via capsules with other brands.

Where is the Lab now and is the bear crypto market affect us?
We stay up and stand out!

We have launched our MVP version 1 in the end of June (after 4 months of intense development) with a factory, an initial marketplace with a primary market and a secondary trading market while offering the possibility to buy and trade NFTs with (for now) BNB and ETH… And we have created a first batch (Series0) of our genesis NFT collection ‘The Famous Gang” to show the possibilities of the factory and marketplace while paying tribute to the cultures, quotes and creators who accompanied us on the road to the launch of TheFamous… and to open a Famous founder Club to reward the early supporters of our venture.

The feedbacks on are good and we are continuing to improve the platform features while being focus on the next steps.
We are working on the NFT passport, reward program and import/export (interoperability) features while building a solid mobile version. When ‘all stable’, we can think on adding more chains and currencies on the platform and more features to our secondary trading platform.

At the same time, we are working on a first series of (collections) projects (should start in Q4 2022 - Q1 2023), connecting with artists we like and proposing them to present a NFT project on TheFamous while benefiting from better solutions and conditions than the ones provided by the first gen of marketplaces (~5X more profit for artists with our model).
We are also working on some ‘in-house’ projects which include, the ‘NFT Art Sport DAO’, an NFT collection based on a ‘Support and Earn’ model and a street art Graffiti collection with interesting utilities. We will disclose soon a bit more on this project.

It is interesting to see (in all our discussions), the builders (developers, platforms and investors) continuing to be focus despite the bear market situation. We can feel the energy and see everyone in the ecosystem being excited by what’s coming on Web3.

We have interesting partnerships and projects in the pipe and we will continue to update and grow ‘TheFamous’ community based on the web native generation connected (like us) to the street culture (street & digital art, streetwear, music, collectibles…).

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Join our venture as a founder getting one of our Famous Gang NFTs in the next mint of our genesis collection.
Visit our space gallery to get a taste of the collection.



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The Famous

A Web3 Labs dedicated to a generation connected to the street culture movement (art, streetwear, music, collectibles, and more)